Neoderm®-OD / O
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  • Epithelium
    • Human oral mucosal epithelial cells
  • Stroma
    • Fibroblasts in collagen matrix
  • Epithelium
    • Human oral mucosal epithelial cells


  • Neoderm®-OD/O is composed of human oral mucosal epithelial cells. It contains well-differentiated multiple layers as in human’s oral mucosa (Figure 1).
  • Neoderm®-OD expresses Ki-67, a marker of proliferating cells in the basal layer (Figure 2).
  • Neoderm®-OD expresses K13 and K4 which are known as differentiation markers of non- cornified stratified epithelial cells (Figure 2 & 3).


  • Oral irritation test
  • Oral pathology
  • Regeneration test

Well Type

6-well, 12-well

TEGO SCIENCE provides Contract Research Services using Neoderm®-OD/O