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01. What is Neoderm®?

  • Neoderm® is a group of cultured skin, eye and oral mucosa models that mimic the morphology and physiology of human skin, eye and oral mucosa.
  • Neoderm® is used for in vitro testing of the efficacy and safety of cosmetic and pharmaceutical substances.
  • Neoderm® is cultured from the human epithelial cells from Tego’s meticulously managed cell bank, the backbone of our cell therapeutics production.
  • Dermal and epidermal components can be selectively cultured in several combinations to suit the customer’s particular need. Currently on offer are skin, eye and oral mucosa models.
Category Model Descriptions Type
6 12 24
Skin Neoderm®-ED Epidermis + Dermis O O
Neoderm®-E Epidermis O O O
Neoderm®-E Dermis O O
Neoderm®-M Neoderm®-ED + Melanocytes O O
Neoderm®-ME Neoderm®-E + Melanocytes O O
Cornea Neoderm®-CD Epithelium + Stroma O O
Neoderm®-C Epithelium O O
Oral Mucosa Neoderm®-OD Epithelium + Stroma O O
Neoderm®-O Epithelium O O
Table1. Neoderm® compared with human skin and competing products
Model Neoderm®
Native skin
Number of viable
cell layers
8-12 15 7-14 7-10 7-12
Thickness (㎛) 100 100 83-100 24-69 80-90
Cell shape
Stratum basale Columnar to
Columnar to
Columnar to
Round and
Stratum spinosum Flat Upper layer:
Upper layer:
Flat and irregular Upper layer:
Stratum granulosum Round and
Round and
Round and
Flat and irregular
Number of Stratum
corneum(SC) cell layers
15-20 15 16-25 15-24 15-20
SC thickness (㎛) 10-30 10-30 12-28 17-37 10-12
Arrangement of
SC layers
Loosely packed Loosely packed Loosely packed Densely packed Loosely packed

*Reference: J-TEC, Gamagori, Japan, 2003

02. Neoderm® makes testing easier and simpler

The researcher can topically apply drugs or cosmetic ingredients on Neoderm® to assess their toxicity and efficacy. We offer a variety of assays to measure irritation, permeability, lightening, wound healing and regeneration. Neoderm® can also be used in more basic research to evaluate cell differentiation, migration and proliferation.

03. Neoderm® replaces animal testing

Animal testing to develop drugs and cosmetics is a controversial issue and governments the world over have taken steps to circumscribe the cruel and inhumane practice. The trend was pioneered by a European Union directive which took effect in 2013 to ban sales of cosmetic ingredients and products that have undergone animal testing. Since then similar bans have been put in place in South Korea, Brazil, India, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, Turkey and UK. More importantly, faced with consumer protest, cosmetics manufacturers are voluntarily avoiding animal testing and moving towards increased use of in vivo screening such as is afforded by Neoderm®.

Animal testing ban legislations: a global progress

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